DURAtrace™ DD Copper Clad Steel Directional Drilling Tracer Wire


DURAtrace™ DD is the new copper clad steel tracer wire made for directional drilling. When traditional tracer wire breaks, you are forced to re-bore. That means more time and more materials. And that, in turn, means more money. Stop breaking your budget due to weak wire. DURAtrace DD, thanks to a solid steel core which is metallurgically bonded to copper, gives you dramatically more directional drilling strength and reliability you can count on!

DURAtrace DD is the directional drilling tracer wire that outperforms multiple strands of conventional solid copper wire!

DURAtrace™ DD is designed durable for directional drilling
• Durable design drastically reduces broken wires and expensive re-boring
• Solid steel core gives you unmatched wire strength and integrity
• Copper and steel are metallurgically bonded for
guaranteed performance
• Polyethylene insulation is
resistant to most organic
and inorganic substances
• Lower total installed cost vs. traditional copper tracer wire
• Weighs less than solid copper for lower shipping costs, easier handling
• No scrap value means
reduced theft costs
Standard Specifications:
• Polyethylene insulation, 0.045"
• Available in 12AWG
• Available in 500 ft. & 2500 ft. reels
• Available in Blue, Green and Yellow
Meets or exceeds utility requirements for tracer wire!

DURAtrace has received authorization from Copperhead Industries, LLC to sell DURAtrace for directional drilling application. Patent No. 7,367,748 B2.